How to Turn Your Google Voice Number Into Cheap Landline

Posted: February 17, 2013

A home phone that literally does not cost anything to use besides the initial cost of the OBi unit!

Important update: Although ObiTALK initially announced that Google Voice would no longer work with OBi devices after May 15, 2014, they continued to work as intended, and now OBiTALK has officially announced continued support for Google Voice.

How to Use Fewer Mobile Minutes & Texts with GrooveIP or Talkatone VOIP and Google Voice

Posted: February 3, 2013

Update 2: Third party clients (like GrooveIP and Talkatone) that use Google voice will no longer work after May 15, 2014. It is likely that Google+ Hangouts will take on Google Voice's functions, as it has with SMS. Hopefully, 3rd party applications will no longer be required to make VOIP calls through Google voice - it should be built-in to Hangouts.

Update 1: I have tried this on a few different Android devices and the call quality seems to vary greatly between devices. Some devices, even on the same high quality wireless N network, sounded so poorly it was next to impossible to cary on a conversation, while others sounded perfect. Therefore I cannot fully recommend this method to everyone. But, you should try it, and if it works for you, great! If not then stay tuned as my next post will be about how to turn your Google Voice number into a VOIP landline for cheap.  You may also try the same thing with another app, called Talkatone, which works the same as GrooveIP.