How to Activate the LG Volt on Ting

Posted: December 29, 2014

UPDATE: New Boost Mobile and Sprint prepaid devices can no longer be activated on Ting. This is due to Sprint's new unlocking policy. When attempting activation you may receive the following message, "Sorry, this device can't be activated right now. Sprint says there's an unpaid balance associated with it."

We no longer recommend buying a Boost or Sprint prepaid phone unless you do so in a store where you can run the MEID on the box through Ting's MEID checker before purchase.

Sprint will not allow used prepaid phones (like the LG Volt) to be activated on Ting unless they have been active for over 12 months on the original provider (i.e. Boost or Sprint prepaid).

The best option for most people will be to use Ting's GSM network instead. For more information read our review of Ting's GSM and CDMA networks. The LG Volt will not work, but a large number of excellent and affordable phones are compatible with Ting's GSM network.

If you have had trouble activating a Boost or Sprint prepaid device you can let us know by voting here.

LG Volt on Ting

The LG Volt is available on Sprint prepaid, Boost, and Virgin Mobile for a retail price of $180. However, the actual cost has decreased significantly recently - at the time this article was published, the LG Volt was $60 on Amazon.

This post will show you how to activate the LG Volt on Ting. As explained in our previous posts on activating Boost or Sprint Prepaid phones, this device is not officially supported, but functions perfectly on Ting.

To provide a brief overview, this is device is for people who want a lot of features and great battery life but do not want to pay a premium. A good phone for comparison is the Motorola Moto G as it costs about the same. The LG Volt is not as well made as the Moto G and has a lower resolution screen, but offers a lot of additional features such LTE data, storage expansion through a microSD card slot, NFC, an IR remote, and a high capacity battery. These are features not often seen in phones that cost less than $100. If you are interested in other inexpensive Boost Mobile devices that can be activated on Ting, see the Moto G and Sharp AQUOS Crystal activation guides.

LG Volt Specifications
Display: 4.7 inch LCD with a resolution of 540 x 960
Operating System: Android 4.4.2 KitKat
Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 400, 1.2GHz quad-core CPU
Storage: 8 GB, expandable up to 32 GB with a microSD card
Cameras: Rear: 8MP with flash; Front: 1.3MP
LTE: Sprint Spark tri-band LTE
Battery: Li-Ion 3000 mAh
Other: NFC, IR remote

I was able to get the Boost Mobile version of the LG Volt to activate perfectly on Ting. Voice, texting (SMS and MMS), and data including tri-band LTE work as intended. However, there is no mobile hotspot feature and third-party tethering and hotspot apps do not appear to function. Much like the Moto G, tethering or a mobile hotspot is not possible with this phone on the stock software.

Do you have concerns about activating the LG Volt or are currently having issues with it? Check out the FAQs section below for help.

Ting to Add Support for Unlocked GSM Devices

Posted: December 9, 2014

Ting has announced that in February 2015 they will launch a GSM service alongside their current CDMA offering from Sprint. Up to this point Ting has been strictly a Sprint mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) meaning their customers are using Sprint’s network and consequently only phones that work with Sprint are available on Ting. Sprint has also imposed onerous restrictions on new devices, blocking some completely for an entire year like current generation iPhones, or requiring other new devices to be purchased directly from Ting at full price.

With this announcement, many of the problems I had with Ting could soon be resolved. Being able to buy any unlocked GSM device and bring it to Ting simply by popping in a Ting SIM card will be a major improvement to the current system. People who have a phone that is compatible with T-mobile or AT&T should be able to switch simply by ordering a SIM card from Ting and activating their current device.