How to Buy a CDMA iPhone to Activate on Ting

Posted: September 20, 2014

Do you want to activate an iPhone 6, 5s, or 5c on Ting? Do you know where and how to buy one? Here is everything you need to know.

It is now possible to activate the iPhone 6, 5s and iPhone 5c on Ting's CDMA service. If you want a new or used iPhone you must find one and buy it on your own as the Ting store only sells refurbished models.

Another issue to contend with is the fact used models may have issues getting through Sprint's new financial eligibility check (FEC) that places more stringent rules on what devices can be activated.

Hangouts Dialer App

Posted: September 10, 2014

Today Google announced that Google Voice is finally being integrated with hangouts. Google Voice has not received any attention in a very long time, and even though hangouts for iOS has supported free VOIP (WiFi) for quite some time, Android users have never gotten an official VOIP app until now.

The new Hangouts Dialer requires Hangouts version 2.3 which is being rolled out now, so all devices should be updated within the next few days. The hangouts dialer now allows you to make and receive calls from your Google Voice number. Making calls anywhere in the US and Canada are free. For those of us trying to save on minutes, or even if you just have poor mobile signal in a building, but have WiFi access, this is a great (and long awaited) feature.
Hangouts also has some nice user-interface changes that are more in line with the new material design guidelines. If you can't wait for Hangouts 2.3 to be pushed to your device you can download and sideload a legitimate signed APK from Mega or Mediafire via AndroidPolice.

Unfortunately, it seems that texting (to and from your Google Voice number) is not supported. SMS and MMS texting is now officially supported.

How to Mute Boot and Camera Sounds with Tasker

Posted: September 3, 2014

How To Turn Off Annoying Sounds With Tasker

Mute Camera and Boot Sounds with Tasker

Sometimes there are sounds that a smartphone or tablet makes that cannot be turned off with a specific setting and in order for a specific app or action to not make noise the phone has to be in silent/vibrate mode. That is annoying! If my phone makes noise it should be for a reason, like a notification, or because someone is calling me, not because a carrier wants me to hear their jingle or because someone thinks its a good idea to have the shutter sound of the camera super loud all the time. This is typically not the case with stock Android, but skinned versions of Android often have these annoyances added by the manufacture of the phone or the carrier.